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A spiritual gathering in Kundalini practice

Siddha Kundalini Healing, Initiation and Training
Forest Row, East Sussex
Friday 21st-Sunday 23rd September 2018

Dear friends,

It is with great excitement that we will soon be welcoming Dani Sher to the UK to host a 3 day retreat on Siddha Kundalini Healing in Forest Row.   Dani is currently the only one who is trusted by the sacred lineage of fully awakened Siddha Masters in India to bring these ancient and previously secret practices out into the world to support our awakening and healing at this time. Siddha Kundalini Healing is an all-encompassing approach that acts as a bridge between this earth-plane and spiritual dimensions. Elevating and supporting the development of consciousness, this body of knowledge harnesses the power of kundalini activation in a safe and controlled environment, allowing people to dive deep into their spiritual awakening.

The course will consist of three full days of teachings, initiations, breathwork, meditation and discussion all focusing on this method of kundalini driven purification and healing.

You will also receive tailored step by step guidance on working with sacred geometry, crystals, building mandalas, channelling and healing yourself and others. 

To embark on this powerful, spiritual journey participants should come with an open mind and an open heart. It is a unique opportunity and a great privilege to receive Shaktipat initiation from a Siddha Master, and an experience that should be treated with great honour and respect.

 “I cannot recommend this course highly enough. Dani is a truly impeccable teacher, healer and channel and the initiations and techniques that he shares quite simply blew my mind! Though this is an ancient lineage, it is clearly alive and vibrant today as through the magic and mystery of Divine energies and awakening consciousness the connections that were woven between the course participants and the enlightened Siddha masters were very very real. It was a great honour to be initiated into ancient ways of working with sacred geometry, crystals and mandalas and I have been using these techniques and tools ever since to hold space for various workshops and to offer healings Siddha Kundalini healings to others” – course participant, Siddha Kundalini, Level 1 Training

For more information and to book please contact Kate on 333katenorman@gmail.com   07515 639600

Price: Early Bird (book by September 6th) – £325
Full Price – £375  (If this price genuinely prohibits you from attending, please get in touch if you would like to attend but would need a concession to make that possible and we can discuss)
Deposit: £150



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