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2018 Black Hills Unity Concert! Currently looking for volunteer team leads

Hello everyone!!

Just a note to let everyone know we are building teams and coordinating for Unity 2018 and beyond!! All of you have helped to get Unity to where we are today and my hope is to continue all of our work long in to the future.

We are currently looking for volunteer team leads as well as input on this year’s content.

Opportunities include (but aren’t limited to):
Assistance with fundraising expertise:
-has experience in fundraising
-is willing and capable of assisting with the organization of fundraising events (ex. smaller satellite concerts)
-can work with the existing grant writers to help coordinate all fundraising efforts

Workshop Coordinator:
-is earth conscious
-has knowledge of the importance of the cultural resurgence occurring with indigenous knowledge world-wide as well as Turtle Island.
-Is acquainted with the work happening in regards to cultural and environmental awareness.
-Ideally has some background with the education of others

Youth Volunteer Coordinator:
-someone with strong leadership skills who is passionate about giving the youth a platform, voice and direction.
-Able to help find appropriate volunteer roles for youth within the coordination of overall event
-Understands the challenges facing the youth of today
-Has connections with youth-led organizations

Transportation Coordinator:
-Reliable and fun-loving individual who can transport guests back and forth from the airport as well as on the event grounds
-Can build and organize a team to assist.
-Must have great organizational skills and a clean driving record
-Will work with production and green room in regards to performance schedules.

Guest Welcome Coordinator:
-creates a team to greet the general public at the gates
-has knowledge of the event set-up and offerings (ex. workshop schedule, concert schedule, camping areas) and can help inform guests
-keeps a general tally of numbers including:
  *number of campers vs. day trippers
  *number of concert attendees, etc.
-Assists the Hospitality team with regards to welcoming performers and honored guests.

We are always looking for dedicated volunteers to help with the operations of the event itself. If you feel a lead coordination role is not what you’re looking for but still want to contribute your time, please let us know!  There is always room for helpers 🙂

If you have any questions and/or are interested in joining Team Unity, feel encouraged to message me directly, message the Unity Concert Facebook page or respond to this email.

I’m excited to get to work with all of you!!

Liz Tiger
BHUC Hospitality Coordinator

On Facebook and Messenger as: Elizabeth Tiger
**ALSO** feel free to message the Black Hills Unity Concert Facebook page



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